Elbert de Jong in the Volkskrant

Thursday, October 13th, the Volkskrant published an interview with Ucall’er Elbert de Jong about the European admission policy for genetically manipulated crops. Read the interview here. The interview also refers to the Kenniscafé which will take place Monday, October 17th. During this Kenniscafé, De Jong will debate with, among others, food specialist Louise Fresco about the pros and cons of genetically manipulated crops. Click here for tickets.



UCALL-research “Redress for tort related crime through criminal proceedings”

Monday, October 10th, the Ucall-publication “Redress for tort related crime through criminal proceedings: A survey into theory and practice of the (Dutch) adhesion procedure” was published on the site of the WODC. The research, carried out by, among others, Ucall’ers François Kristen, Renée Kool and Jessy Emaus, asks how victim compensation is organised currently as part of criminal proceedings in terms of judicial decision-making and what the outcomes are. In conclusion, the evaluation shows that although progress has been made since 2007,
there is still room for improvement with respect to redress for tort related crime through criminal proceedings. Moreover, the researchers emphasize the importance of the quality of the preparation of the joinder; it must be prevented that it all comes down to the court hearing, and that prosecutor and judge are forced to decide on the basis of insufficiently prepared joinders in front of the suspect and the victim. Download the report here.



Minister takes over recommendations Ucall

In a letter to parliament, Minister of Security and Justice Ard van der Steur has positively taken note of the Ucall research report “The Act prejudicial questions to the Supreme Court” (De Wet prejudiciële vragen aan de Hoge Raad). In his letter, the Minister speaks of a “thorough investigation” containing “lots of valuable information”. The Minister shares the results and recommendations of the report on the prejudicial procedure in civil law (in short: the act is a big success) and also endorses Ucall’s positive opinion on the possibility of introducing the prejudicial procedure in criminal law. Download the publication here.



Cedric Ryngaert presents report to the Gezelschap voor Internationaal Strafrecht

On September 27th, Cedric Ryngaert, along with Emma van Gelder, presented their Dutch report on jurisdiction and corporate criminal liability to the Gezelschap voor Internationaal Strafrecht (GIS) in The Hague. Now the report will be sent to the International Association for Criminal Law.



Cedric Ryngaert in WNL Goedemorgen Nederland

On Thursday, September 29th, Ucall’er Cedric Ryngaert was seen in the morning television program WNL Goedemorgen Nederland. He was interviewed for an item about the consequences of the criminal investigation into the attack on the MH17 flight. Click here for the interview (from 11:55 minutes).