Stefan Kulk presents at Annual Convention of National Communication Association

On Saturday 12 November 2016, Ucall-researcher Stefan Kulk will give a presentation at the Annual Convention of National Communication Association. He will participate in a panel discussion about the ‘right to be forgotten’. About the panel: ‘This panel of three speakers from the U.S. and the Netherlands will focus on the still evolving “right to be forgotten” (RTBF), as recognized in EU law on data protection vs. freedom of expression. The speakers will examine how journalists and news outlets in various countries address the actual or perceived “censorship” role of the RTBF in the search engine era.’



Rianka Rijnhout selected for Utrecht Young Academy

Ucall’er Rianka Rijnhout has recently been selected to join the Utrecht Young Academy (UYA). UYA is the platform to bring young scientists from Utrecht into contact with each other. Within the academy, knowledge and expertise on research is shared. In addition, the scientists get to know each other’s discipline and undertake joint projects in order to bring science from Utrecht University in a better picture. Congratulations Rianka!



Ivo Giesen in NRC Handelsblad

Thursday, October 6th, Ucall’er Ivo Giesen appeared in the NRC Handelsblad. This happened in response to a judgment of the so-called ‘earthquakechamber’ of the court in Assen, in which the state-owned company Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN), next to the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM), was held fully liable for all damages resulting from the gas winning in Groningen. Giesen comments on the judgment and states that the judgment could be used for the foundation of a compensation fund. Read the article here.



Elbert de Jong in the Volkskrant

Thursday, October 13th, the Volkskrant published an interview with Ucall’er Elbert de Jong about the European admission policy for genetically manipulated crops. Read the interview here. The interview also refers to the Kenniscafé which will take place Monday, October 17th. During this Kenniscafé, De Jong will debate with, among others, food specialist Louise Fresco about the pros and cons of genetically manipulated crops. Click here for tickets.



UCALL-research “Redress for tort related crime through criminal proceedings”

Monday, October 10th, the Ucall-publication “Redress for tort related crime through criminal proceedings: A survey into theory and practice of the (Dutch) adhesion procedure” was published on the site of the WODC. The research, carried out by, among others, Ucall’ers François Kristen, Renée Kool and Jessy Emaus, asks how victim compensation is organised currently as part of criminal proceedings in terms of judicial decision-making and what the outcomes are. In conclusion, the evaluation shows that although progress has been made since 2007,
there is still room for improvement with respect to redress for tort related crime through criminal proceedings. Moreover, the researchers emphasize the importance of the quality of the preparation of the joinder; it must be prevented that it all comes down to the court hearing, and that prosecutor and judge are forced to decide on the basis of insufficiently prepared joinders in front of the suspect and the victim. Download the report here.