Anne-Jetske Schaap gets awarded Katadreuffeprijs 2015 for most remarkable law student

Ucall-researcher Anne-Jetske Schaap has been awarded the ‘Katadreuffeprijs 2015’. The ‘Katadreuffeprijs’ is awarded annually to the most remarkable law student of the Utrecht University School of Law.



Ploumen answers Parliamentary Questions concerning Vytopil’s research

Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Ms Ploumen has answered the Parliamentary Questions concerning the research carried out by UCALL-researcher Louise Vytopil on corporate social responsibility and liability in supply chains. You can find the answers to these questions here.



Kinanya Pijl wins award best Master’s thesis Utrecht University

Ucall-researcher Kinanya Pijl has won the award for Utrecht University’s best master’s thesis 2014-2015. This has been announced during the ceremonial opening of the Academic Year, which took place this afternoon at the Dom Church in Utrecht.

Kinanya’s Master’s thesis deals with the responsibilities of ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) where it comes to respecting the human rights of third parties. ICANN is an international private organisation with an important (semi-)public role: managing the internet’s infrastructure in the public interest. This role includes, among other things, the exclusive competence to assign internet domain names on a global scale.

The international position of power that ICANN derives from its semi-public role raises the question to what extent the organisation’s activities are in line with the responsibilities to respect human rights that follow from the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Kinanya’s study shows that ICANN’s policies and procedures are inconsistent with fundamental rights as set out in the European Convention on Human Rights in various ways. Her study also shows that there are no accountability mechanisms that function as a check on the powers of ICANN and of its Board of Directors more specifically.

Kinanya demonstrates that there is a clear and pressing need for the development of effective safeguards to guarantee the human rights compliance of ICANN and to prevent abuse of power within the organisation. She provides a number of proposals to this effect.



Esther Engelhard’s and Rianka Rijnhout’s book ‘Een regeling voor personenschade door rampen’ published

The book ‘Een regeling voor personenschade door rampen’ (‘A regulation for personal injury caused by disasters’), written by Esther Engelhard and Rianka Rijnhout, has been published this week. The book is based on the WODC-research that assessed the introduction of an adequate, legal regulation of financial compensation for personal injury caused by disasters. The book is the fourth volume of the UCALL book series, which is published by BJu in The Hague.



Ivo Giesen interviewed about the future of the Urgenda-case

Today newspaper Trouw published an article regarding the possible next steps in the Urgenda-case. Will it be appealed, will there be ‘sprongcassatie’ (leapfrog appeal) or will the State accept the verdict? Ucall-researcher Ivo Giesen was one of the experts asked to give his opinion. Click here to read the article.