Personal Injury Cases as a Result of a Disaster

UCALL researchers Esther Engelhard (project leader), Rianka Rijnhout, Evelien de Kezel, Ivo Giesen and Anne Keirse will, as commissioned by the WODC (the Dutch abbreviation for Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek- en Documentatiecentrum, in English: Research and Documentation Centre), research damage valuation methods and the extent of the circles of people entitled to compensation for personal injuries due to a disaster. The research will in particular include a study of the relevant literature, case studies and external comparative law.



Anne Keirse Blogs on the Legal Platform of Online Shopping

UCALL researcher Anne Keirse blogs on the new European Regulation on the Rights of Consumers which has been enacted in the Netherlands since the 13th of June 2014. This Regulation entails stricter rules that apply to agreements that are concluded from a distance.

See the UCALL blog-site for the full version of this blog by Anne Keirse (in Dutch).



Renee Kool Blogs on Criminal Damages

The amount of claims that are being submitted to criminal courts by affected parties is increasing, and probably will continue to do so in the upcoming years.

See the UCALL blog-site for the full version of Renee Kool’s blog (in Dutch). 



Wouter de Zanger blogs on personal contributions for Dutch criminal convicts

UCALL-researcher Wouter de Zanger is the author of the latest contribution to the Ucall blog-site. He discusses two bills that are currently pending in the Netherlands, dealing with financial contributions by Dutch criminal convicts in order to compensate for (some of) the costs of their criminal procedure, their stay in a custodial institution, etc.

See the Ucall blog-site for the full version of this blog (in Dutch).



Eddy Bauw awarded Chair in Liability Law and Legal Procedure at Utrecht University

As of May 1st, 2014, Eddy Bauw has been appointed as Professor of Liability Law and Legal Procedure at UCALL and the Montaigne Centre, Utrecht University. Bauw, who is also Head of Department at the Dutch Council for the Judiciary, is a well-respected legal scholar with an extensive list of publications in the fields of liability law, legal procedure, and environmental law.