Corporate accountability and transnational litigation: new risks, new strategies?

Ucall-researcher Liesbeth Enneking has been awarded a post-doctoral fellowship grant by the AXA Research Fund for a research project on the increased risk for internationally operating business enterprises of being held accountable for harm caused to people and planet in the course of their worldwide activities.

In this project, which will run until July 2017, Enneking will consider the contemporary trend towards foreign direct liability cases (transnational civil liability procedures against multinational corporations before courts in Western societies for violations of environmental and human rights norms perpetrated abroad), which has been her main subject of study over the past few years, from a novel angle.

By combining a comparative law approach with an empirical approach to the subject and by putting the focus on the corporate perspective, she aims to provide through this project a better insight into the consequences of this trend for the business actors involved and thus also for the investment climate of the countries in which they are located.